Aircraft Management

If you own or are considering purchasing an airplane, selecting a reputable and qualified aircraft management company to ensure its safe and cost efficient operation is extremely important.

Why Choose Aerowood to Manage your Asset?

Our Comprehensive Services

Aerowood Aviation offers comprehensive, turnkey aircraft management programs that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We understand that your airplane is a key component of your business that saves you time and money. Aerowood Aviation is focused on taking the guesswork out of aircraft management and providing you a single point of contact for all your aircraft needs.

Our Experience

Company Experience

Aerowood Aviation was established in June 2009 to provide primary and advanced flight instruction for student pilots through the use of independent flight instructors at the Pageland SC Airport. We quickly expanded and are offering services at Lancaster, SC; Rock Hill, SC;  and Monroe, NC.

Soon owners who know our personal reputations began asking us to manage their aircraft, resulting in a marked increase in business scope during the past year.

This early growth of business promises to accelerate as we open our new offices in Monroe, with our proximity to South Charlotte, services without club membership and dues, well-maintained aircraft, and staff reputation.

Staff Experience

Although our company is young, our staff is  not.  Aerowood’s staff comprises an eclectic mix of backgrounds, ratings, and certificates both inside and outside the aviation community that provides you with a remarkably broad range of experience to draw on.

Our aviation experience includes such diverse flying as tossing carrier decks in the Persian Gulf, precise approaches into the world’s busiest Class B, remote south sea island strips, and arctic river sand bars.

Our business experience draws from high tech medical entrepreneurship and small business, international corporate airlines, and Big Oil. Three of us are military veterans.

These remarkably varied backgrounds must certainly give us well-rounded insights into every challenge and opportunity we may face with your airplane.

Our aircraft

Aerowood Aviation offers affordable, professionally-maintained rental aircraft. Drawing on our own experience, the resources at our disposal, and the expertise of others, we provide our clients with the best possible instructors and aircraft, with the greatest possible attention to the details that support their success, and their satisfaction with our service.

We will take equally good care of your aircraft should you decide to add it to our fleet.

Our Benefits

The benefits of aircraft ownership can be enhanced significantly with Aerowood Aviation’s Aircraft Management Program tailored to fit your needs. By trusting Aerowood to manage maintenance, FAA compliance, staffing, and other challenges  required by aircraft ownership, you will realize a substantial cost savings and unequalled aircraft utility with the peace of mind that competent people are overseeing your airplane’s operation and care.